And it all went FLAT

Although, these series of unfortunate events occurred two weeks ago I decided to start my first entry with the story that caused my friend to say “you really need to make a blog about your life.” I am rewinding to this point in time because seeing as if it wasn’t for this simple request I may not have decided to record my life events through a blog.

So here we go… after celebrating the conclusion of the school year by having one of the best “ME” days I had had in a long time I woke up to the universe retracting all the relaxation I had felt from the night before. It began by me waking up to several missed calls, texts and voxers (for those of you who don’t know it’s a communication tool where you can walkie-talkie your friends, I highly recommend this app) from a friend.

The original plan for the day was that I would wake up at 7am in order to be at my friends house by 8am so that way we would make it to paramount by 8:30am where we were planning to volunteer for Health Ministries. Then after I dropped my friend off at home I would head to my office which is only about fifteen minutes away. However, my day went nothing like the “original plan” instead…I had committed the CLASSIC mistake of setting my alarm to PM instead of AM! It was 7:55am when I finally woke up and saw all my missed calls, texts and voxers and when I contacted my friend we agreed that we would still attend the volunteer session, but meet there instead seeing as I was going to be late. So I quickly washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed and darted out the door….only to find that I had not one, but TWO tires that were extremely low on air, or so I thought.

Luckily, my dad owns an air pump and we rushed to get it out the garage to fill my tires with air…”HA, yeah right, it’s not going to be that easy!” said the universe because of course…of all the days…the air pump decides it is NOT going to work! Although, panicked I tried to remain calm and think of the next plan of action…and I shouted “Thank goodness I purchased the triple A card!” I frantically look around for my Triple A card, dialed and give all my information…only to learn that I have already used the card four times which means all my services where up (If you think about it, that makes sense that I already used all the triple a services seeing as I previously mentioned in my description part that my life is full of mishap). Luckily…however, my dad let me use his Triple A card! When the Triple A guy finally got to my house he let me know that although he is putting air in them they were BOTH actually flats that cannot be patched and would need to be replaced before I do any heavy duty driving.

At this point…I text my friend with pictures of my tires as proof of these crazy events seeing as I wouldn’t even believe my own story if I just heard it! I let her know there was no way I would make it in time and that I would be at the next one. It was so disappointing for me though, because I was genuinely excited seeing as it was going to be my first time volunteering with the Health Ministries and I was so worried that the coordinator would think I was just another un-dedicated member. Nevertheless, I had to miss and come up with a new action plan: “where can a broke, REALLY BROKE, college student get two used tires for a good price?”

Thank goodness I have such a helpful father! He found a place willing to give me two used tires for $55! Sounds incredible right?!?! Well it was…except for the fact that my rim was also busted and needed to be replaced too! So of course I get out of there spending more than I had anticipated…oh and did I mention I didn’t even make it into work because of all this?! Meaning I spent extra money that I really didn’t have and I didn’t even spend the day making money as I was hoping to do. Some people may call this all just a coincidence… or merely a “bad day…” I call this just one of many KATastrophic events!